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About Alice Yancy-Teague

Alice Yancy Teague is the daughter of Wilda Juanita Yancy Jones of Chicago, the granddaughter of a sharecropper Crescent and Darling Yancy, from Paris, Tennessee. Alice was born in Chicago; currently reside in Atlanta Georgia, for the last 9 years. She is a member of Stonecrest Church of Christ in McDonough, GA. She was raised by her mother’s sisters, in Chicago Mary Floyd, Nancy B. Jefferson both from Chicago. Her mother Nancy B. Jefferson was a Civil Rights Pioneer. Nancy was known as the Mother Teresa or the Joan of Arc.; on the West Side of Chicago. In early days, Alice lived in Public Housing Development (LeClair Courts). During her grammar school years then relocated to the west side of Chicago (Jackson Boulevard) with her adopted mother Nancy B. Jefferson. In the 60's her uncle Wayne Yancy was a Freedom Rider during the Jim Crow Law. He died in a suspicious car accident.

Alice has over 14 years of experience in responsibilities in the public eye and, governmental sectors, in the early 80's. Alice worked for the V.A. Hospital in Chicago. Her family’s background was involved in the political arena. Alice is currently involved in her community as a community organizer and working with Civil Right Issues. Alice earned her B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security (F.B.I.) at Strayer University; 2016. Alice is continuing her education, working on her Master’s degree in Public Administration and, J.D. in Law.

Alice has gained excellent recognition and, working knowledge of administrative responsibilities. She is focused on current political issues on the local and state levels, She formerly held the position as chairperson for (N.A.N) National Action Network in Newton County, GA. a organization that fights for the rights of justice and equal opportunities for all people regardless of their citizenship, criminal record, demographics, economic status, ethnicity, gender, race and, religion.

She is a member of the 4th Congressional Federation of Democratic Women, member of the women’s Empowerment out of New York, and a member of the Ambassador Team at Strayer University.

She is the founder of "Bridging Together" an organization designed for the support of the homeless. She is a member of the “Rainbow Push Coalition”, founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Georgia Chapter. She is the founder of "The Women of Color Organization" for women with Breast Cancer in Newton County, GA. Alice is a Breast Cancer Survivor, She has passion and understanding of what women experiencing during their difficult journey. Alice wrote her first book "You are what you eat" in 2010. Alice book was published by the Author House Publishing Company. (Two more books soon to be published.)

Alice Continues Training and Certification She is certified as a Mediator in civil court, domestic court, criminal court for the state of Georgia.
Certification in FEMA Incident and Command System 
Leadership Influence and in Management System (NIMS) in Emergency Planning. 
Certification in Community Civil Training Through Covington Community Police Academy 
Mega Speaker  for (Fix-My Credit) In Metro Atlanta 
Founder of Break Every Chain Reentry Program for Ex- Offenders 
Criminal Justice Activists for the Newton County Area 
Alice is supporting the bill  HR1242 that was pass through Congress  working to education the community regarding this bill, and working on The Wayne 60 Project.
HR1242 (Bill)
400 Years of African Americans History Commission
Act pass through 115 Congress (2017-2018)
This bill establishes the 400 years of African -Americans History Commission to develop and carry out activities throughout the United States to commemorate  the 40th anniversary of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort , Virginia in 1619.
The plan programs to acknowledge the impact that slavery and the law that enforce  racial discrimination had on the United States, 
To provide grants to the communities and nonprofit organizations for the development of programs. Grants to research and scholarly organizations to research , publish, or distribute. 



"If you don’t like something make an effort to change it even if you stand alone!”



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