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Alice Yancy Teague Stand For The People Making The World A Better Place For Us All



I Believe In And Stand For:

  • Reformed the  Criminal Justice System  3 strikes Law  for Non-Violence Offenders 
  • Reformed the Health Care to a University Group Health Care Plan.
  • Clean up the Street of Homeless 
  • Small business and Farmers Free Grants 
  • Raising Minimum wages $17.00 an hour 
  • Allow Students loan to be included in Bankruptcy
  • Free Grants for Community outreach Projects for Churches 
  • Free grants for Minister Pastors to continue their Education In Theology 
  • Stricter Gun Laws 21 years old to purchase any type of Ammunition 
  • Removal of all rifles and shotguns off the street only used for Military purpose or hunting
  • Hold gun dealers responsible for selling guns to Minors  
  • Gunsmith checking when purchasing of any new Firearms 
  • Free child care for single parents making less than 65,00.00 a year .
  • cost of living increased  for Teacher  Truck Drives and Taxing Cab Drivers 
  • Health Care  Plan and Medical pay leave  and unemployment for all Essentials Workers 
  • Free skill training for Non- Workers
  • Reformed  Restate  laws  making homes loans affordable and stopping of foreclosures 
  • Lower bail for all Non-Violent Criminal Act
  • Reparations a National Holiday 
  • Reparations in School Curriculum 
  • Putting Prayers back into the school
  • Free Lunches and daycare for poor and Poverty Families . 
  • Free Transportation for senior citizen
  • Restoring rights for non -Violence Offends 
  • Immigration Reform
  • Reforming Veterans Administration

Committee to Elect Alice Yancy Teague 2020
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